"I cook the way my mother cooks, eat lots of plants, keep active and enjoy everything, in moderation"...



The Super Seeded

The Super Seeded is written, made, photographed and eaten by me and the people that surround me.

My name is Dominique, or Dodo, depending on how serious it is, and I'm a mother, occasional sleeper and doer of a van load of errands. I'm a self taught nutrition nerd, proving that if you are passionate enough about something you can research and learn the shitake out of it. This is exactly what I did and maintain to do everyday. I'm constantly learning about how food nurtures us and how it makes us feel. Listening to our bodies is the best way to adapt and to help us make better choices. I love experimenting in my kitchen to develop meals, snacks and treats using natural and unprocessed ingredients. I don't believe in fad diets or excluding food groups and what works for me might not necessarily be the right fit for you. Food should be enjoyed and you should feel excited when you prepare and eat your meals. I have been influenced by wrong advice and habits for years and have finally figured out that it is simple. I cook the way my mother cooks, eat lots of plants, I keep active and enjoy everything in moderation. It's about being healthy inside and out. Living a lifestyle that can adapt to the changes and unpredicted reality that life brings.

It began in California...

In 2011, my girlfriends and I went on a road trip to The USA where I met a wonderful being. After a year of long distance romancing, I fell in love and moved to Los Angeles so we could live this life together. A little radical perhaps but sometimes you just have to do things without stopping to think about them too much. L.A was truly a life changing chapter. I got married, pregnant, had hours of uninterrupted sunshine and met some bloody wonderful people. One of which was a gorgeous, strong, bright, spiritual female. Funny, chilled, game and totally inspiring. A nutritionalist and kitchen wizard, she educated me on sugar addiction before it became a hashtag, fed me homemade energy balls and went on to become a registered Doula, just in time for when I gave birth to our son in 2014. I had had my eyes opened and completely re-evaluated how I chose my food. I went into my pregnancy smoothly and pretty much symptom free. I was lucky to experience zero sickness or any of the not so good things that can come with human growing. L.A was ahead of the game and so eating well was child's play. Green smoothies were the norm and kale was old news. It was difficult to eat badly. I would walk along the beach everyday, it felt completely effortless. I was in a good place both mentally and geographically!


By 2015, our baby was 6 months and we had moved to Europe. (My family lives in the UK and once we had started a family, the urge to be closer to them grew and grew.) We were living in Düsseldorf, Germany and 2015 was a real struggle for me. I was in an unfamiliar country, with a small baby and a big language barrier. I was out of my comfort zone and routine and felt lonely. I felt sluggish, and bloated. I had little energy and found it difficult to motivate myself. 

My husband was awesome. He encouraged me to sign up for a race so that I could focus on something positive. That summer, I trained for my first half marathon and it pulled me out of the tunnel. Through the training, I naturally paid closer attention to my nutrition and began eating how I had eaten in L.A again. I enrolled onto a German language course and had met some great friends. The power of proper self care and attention was evident. I was running distances that I never thought I could achieve and felt better and happier than I had in a long time.

Laura's Deli...

In March 2016 a friend inspired me to go along to the new 'healthy food cafe' for part time work. If it hadn't have been for her kind heart and totally belief that I could do it, I would never have gone for it. (Chrisi, you rock)  I began working for Laura's Deli, starting in the resturant, preparing smoothie bowls, hot drinks and salads in between practising my German with the regulars. Laura and I found a creative connection and I began working more closely behind the scenes, helping to build the brand. I launched the online shop, selling own brand products, assisted with social media marketing and creative direction and developed recipes and food styling for her first cook book. The deli was one of the first of its kind for Düsseldorf and it felt great to be surrounded by like minded souls with a passion for nutrition. Having worked for years in Fashion, it was enlightening to recogize that I could flourish in another field where I could combine my experiences and stay inspired. My creative background has furnished me with an eye for detail and colour, composition and texture and I photograph everything myself. I love the beauty of food and the social aspect it creates. Bringing people together, alerting the senses to new shared feasts. My aim is to inspire and share.